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Provide my personal credit card information? Is it safe? What are the risks?

These are the main issues that, although unusual, still stand in the act of introducing the personal data of customers. To better explain the method and safety at payment time, we have prepared this information.

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Takeaway EspañaWhat payment methods are accepted?

The client will have at its disposal, the following types of payment: Pay Pal (Visa,Mastercard, American Express, Discover ...) ,or Card Payments, and must choose one of them, according to your preference. All orders whose confirmation of payment is not settled within 7 days will be canceled. Regarding to payment by credit card, if it is not confirmed, will be canceled the next business day.

España PicturesThe payment is secure?

Totally secure. The information introduced for payment is 100% safe, using security tools and world-recognized certification. All information is encrypted, so code browsing in the web, making it virtually impossible access to such information for third party. The most sensitive information concerning, for example, the data from your credit card, are managed by a secure server, using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The number of your credit card is only used in the act of purchase and is not registered in our system. The only information we hold is personal data.

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